Donate things

Give things a new life! Donate to the Re-use Centre

Everyone has things at home or in the office that they no longer need and that just take up room. Bring them to the Re-use Centre if they’re in good condition so they don’t end up in landfill and can serve a new owner. Our shops and projects help your things find happy new owners. By doing this, we also keep the environment cleaner and help those in need.

Anneta asjuIf you have things that are still usable, clean and in good condition, but you just don’t need them anymore, you can donate them to our shops. We accept anything that is in good condition, such as clothes, furniture, crockery, toys, books, shoes, accessories, hobby items, music/films, plants, household appliances and much more.

Donating is easy and you can do it in all of our shops during their opening hours. You’ll find a donation basket by the shop’s front door – you can leave your things there.

Don’t forget that we only accept things that are clean and in no need of repair. You cannot help us with things that are broken or unusable, so please put them in the bin or take them to a waste station.