About us

The non-profit organisation Uuskasutus is an independent social enterprise established in 2004 by the Good Deed Foundation, the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Caritas Foundation and two individuals: Rasmus Rask and Priit Mikelsaar. Its objective is to put used things back in circulation and to make re-use and re-design easily accessible and commonplace for everyone in Estonia.

We want to reach a point where Estonian people consider (at least partial) re-use an obvious choice when they buy and use things. This can be achieved by making re-use easy for ordinary shoppers, and second-hand products must be able to compete with cheap new products in terms of quality.

The Re-use Centre mostly uses two approaches to promote re-use: we put clean and usable things back into circulation and we find ways of giving new life to old things. We believe that nothing that is still usable should end up in landfill.

Don’t rush to buy something brand new if you think there is something you need! First of all, think whether you need more things at all. Yes, we all need clothes, shoes, furniture, crockery and the like, but we advise you to go for second-hand goods and/or premium quality, durable new items. Doing this is good for the environment and means that your grandchildren can also enjoy a beautiful and clean world.

Think before you buy something:

  1. Do you really need it?
  2. Could you find it in a second-hand store or borrow it from family or friends?

If you really need to buy something that is brand new, go for things of high quality that will last for a long time.

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