These things are rubbish – take them to the waste station

Used batteries, old colorants, building waste, scrap metal, untreated wood, plastic, sorted stones and concrete, paper and cardboard, biodegradable waste, tyres, broken electrical and electronic devices, packaging, sheet glass and other hazardous waste.

Waste stations in Tallinn: Paljassaare põik 9a, Raba 40, Rahumäe tee 5a, Pärnamäe tee 36

Waste station in Pärnu: Raba 39, Paikre Sorteerimisjaam

Waste station in Tartu: Jaama 72C and Selli 19 (prev Turu 49)

Waste station in Paide: Mündi 49

Waste station in Narva: Rahu 3B

Waste station in VõruLühike tn 1, Umbsaare; Vastseliina

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