Join in

Volunteers are the most valuable asset the Re-use Centre has. After ten years of operations we can safely say that without the contribution of volunteers we would not be where we are today.

There are many reasons why people volunteer: a desire to do something for society; to experience working in a team; to meet interesting people; to gain new experience, knowledge and skills; to find something interesting and useful to do in their free time; or simply to feel needed.

The volunteers at the Re-use Centre can help with everyday shop work as well as contributing specialist knowledge and experience.

Becoming a volunteer is easy!

Contact the shop you would like to volunteer at and tell us what you’d like to do. We will agree where and how often you can be involved, and then start working together to ensure that reusable things don’t end up in landfill and that people in Estonian have a place they can donate things to that they no longer need – and somewhere to shop in an environmentally friendly manner.

Stand up against excessive consumption and help us spread the idea that we can live in a more reasonable society. Saving the planet starts with each individual. You!

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