Our good deeds

We give things a new life

karuLess usable things end up in landfill. This helps us keep Estonia clean and make smart consumption choices. We save hundreds of tons of items from being landfilled every year.

We help people in need

Helping people in need with the items donated to us has been a natural and inseparable part of our activities since the Re-use Centre was established. We cooperate closely with the Estonian Association of Families with Many Children, the Dharma Foundation, shelters, fire victims and the social departments of many local authorities.

We are happy and proud that 50% of the goods received by the Re-use Centre every year go directly to people in need. We mostly give them clothes, but also support them with furniture, sports equipment, crockery and household appliances.

When it comes to people in need, we can only donate the things they specifically ask for. We are therefore unable to guarantee that your shirt or trousers will reach people who need help, but even if this is not the case we use the money earned from the sale of your stuff to transport the requested items to the people who need them – so you’ll still have contributed to helping them!